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Diethanolamide of coconut oil fatty acids - CDEA

Cocamide DEA (Diethanolamide, COCAMIDE DEA) is a soft cleaner, used in combination with stronger surfactants (sodium lauryl sulfate), prevents the formation of statistical electric charge of the hair.
Cocamide DEA (Diethanolamide) — NN-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amide coconut oil (NN-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amid the coconut oil).
Product properties test Methods COCAMIDE DEA
typical data
Ionic character nonionic
Appearance at 20°C Yellow or light brown viscous liquid
Density at 20°C, g/cm3< СSN 65 0342 1.01
Dynamic viscosity, at 20°C,PA 1.15
Mass fraction of free fatty acids, % 0.8
Mass fraction of free DEA, % max. PN ENS 041 -00 6,5
pH, 1% R-RA PN ENS 041 — 00 9.0-10.5

Cocamide DEA (Diethanolamide) is used as an auxiliary ingredient for the manufacture of shampoos, bubble baths, detergents , as foaming agent and stabilizer, a fiber softener, antistatic agent, viscosity regulator is an inorganic salt, binder and solvent fragrance, is used to enhance the cleaning properties of dispersants and emulsifiers. The foam stabilizer. The thickener.
Cocamide DEA is stable in acidic, neutral and weak alkaline solutions. Resistant to water hardness .
Cocamide DEA — foaming agent. In some cases, if a high foaming product causes a disruption, can be used defoamers.
Shampoos, foam bath, liquid soap: When you add 2-4 % cocamide DEA (Diethanolamide) improves the foaming and foam stability, dermatological effect on the skin and on the other hand, increases the cleaning power for greasy dirt. Add to shampoos for hair softens hair and prevents flushing of the static charge. The addition of 3-10% Cocamide DEA it is possible to control the viscosity of the preparation, instead of inorganic salts.

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